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The YPJ strives for a democratic, ecologic, and anti-patriarchal system of self-organisation; it takes its power from the people and fights for the people. We fight to defend the dignity of being a human when there is no one around to defend that and to create an ethical-political society in order to realize ideals of equality, justice, freedom, and self-determination. We wage a war against all forms of fascism and capitalist hegemony that try to enslave the people and destroy the nature. We get our inspiration from the philosophy of Serok APO whose ideas have become a torch in the jungle of oppression for the poor and the downtrodden; not only in Kurdistan but also all around the world. ‘Liberating life’, says Serok Apo, ‘is impossible without a radical women’s revolution which would change man’s mentality and life. If we are unable to make peace between man and life, and life and woman, happiness is but a vain hope. Gender revolution is not just about woman. It is about the five thousand years old civilisation of classed society. Thus, this gender revolution would simultaneously mean man’s liberation.’

The YPJ is more than a military force. It is a revolutionary organization that protects the transformation towards the ethico-political society against its external and internal enemies in accordance with the principles of democratic confederalism. So its fundamental mission is to defend the people and the Rojava Revolution. Based on the philosophy of Serok APO, the YPJ struggles for a free and democratic Syria where acceptance of other political views, religions, ethnicities, cultures, and languages is a fundamental value. In this sense, the YPJ is democratic and legitimate self-defense force against hegemonic assaults of capitalist modernity and against pathological ideologies such as ISIS that had been produced by the capitalist modernity itself along with a deep crisis in the Middle East.

The YPJ is one of the forces in the Middle East that offers an alternative to capitalist modernity and its freakish products: the solution of democratic modernity. This alternative solution is not an abstract formulation; nor is it a salaried speculation. It offers ‘economic community’ as an alternative to capitalism. It confronts the industrialism of capitalism through ecological-economic community. It contests with nation-statism through an ethical-political society. This, however, radical and realistic position the YPJ defends militarily creates enemies more than it creates friends. The Turkish state in the north, for example, is cooperating with ISIS. The Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iraqi Kurdistan, as the representative of primitive-nationalist and petty-bourgeois line in the Middle Eastern political spectrum, cooperates with Turkish state, tries to suffocate Rojava with closed borders and with embargoes, and even attacks Kurdish people in collaboration with the proxies of Turkish state. If the Assad regime does not attack the YPJ now, it is because it has powerful enemies around itself that wait for an opportunity to strangle it. Despite the defensive position of ISIS, it seems that it will take more time to defeat these murderers completely. But the fact that the YPJ struggles with enemies of humanity and defends the transformation of Rojava in the direction of democratic modernity is being appreciated more and more every day by many. Dozens of the YPG martyrs from Germany to Australia, the internationalist revolutionaries who fell fighting shoulder on shoulder with the red star of the YPG and of the YPJ, are the proof that the Rojava Revolution has already become an internationalist revolution that can never be extinguished.

To achieve a revolution is hard work, to protect it is harder; if not the hardest of all ethical-political activities. If a revolution does not gain a global dimension by establishing a network of solidarities everywhere, it is bound to be defeated by the reactionary forces and byproducts of capitalist modernity. Hence, as Serok Apo points out in “Democratic Confederalism” that has been translated by International Initiative, “We need to put up a platform of national civil societies in terms of a confederate assembly to oppose the United Nations as an association of nation-states under the leadership of the superpowers”. So, people from all around the world, those who think that another world is possible and that one has to fight and confront with the monsters to make another world possible, would contribute to the platform that would spread the revolution of peace and justice.